Wednesday, 26 September 2012

My Warrior's Convocation: Congratz Dad!

On 22 September 2012, it has been a very, very special day for me and all my family. My dad, Mokhtar Othman P.J.K., at the age of 62, being graduated on his USM convocation. He pursued his studies in the Degree of Political Science, USM Penang. After 3 years of hard work, he finally made it. We, all his sons and daughters, back to our homeland of Penang to celebrate this moment. 

Two persons were allowed to be in the hall, where me & brother took that chance. All my sisters, nephew, mum, grandma, uncle & auntie, stand-by at the outside of the Dewan Tuanku Syed Putra, and be together with my dad when he's out. We share all his joy, happiness, work hard, pain, stress and everything that he has gone through.

The blogger (left), with father (middle) and brother (right)

R: How do you feel about your dad's graduation?
M: I am so proud of my dad. He finally joins his children graduated. At the age of 62, I know it's not easy to do this. However he did it well and in addition, he never fail any of his subject during his study.

R: What is your impression when you first time heard about his desire to continue study. 
M: I am doubt, honestly. My mum told me. However, I know my father. He is a social person, and after his retirement, I know that he always need something to do. He is someone who is so active. He was a teacher, therefore I know why he chose to study, that is also why my mother suggest that he should take this course. After 1-2 semester, I know that my father can do everything he is passionate of.

R: What do you think about the course he took (social/political science)?
M: Excellent choice. I know him well. That's absolutely the best fit for him. He is so active in minor politic movement in my area, he is a good example for many people, he just need some additional written recognition on what he has already did, and did it well. 

My warrior's smile, backgrounded by Dewan Tuanku Syed Putra.
 R: What is the most challenging moment do you think your father faced during his study?
M: I can say that in term of friendship and communication, he has no problem at all to deal with youngsters or even veterans. But, the biggest challenge for him I know should be, to adapt with the world of information technology (I.T.). The people of his age, lived during the time people using paper-based documentation. When now people are using IT (paperless) all the time e.g. online registration, online access, website, e-mail, facebook etc., people just don't understand how he needs some help. This is so emotional to talk about, but now that my father has did it, I'm so proud and ready to forget the past. 

R: What is your wish to your beloved dad?
M: My dad, my hero, Well Done and Congratulations on your convocation! You've done a great, great job which not many people out there are capable of doing it. I hope you enjoy your happy time now and do whatever you have passionate with. I love you, and please know that we, your children, are all so proud of you! Also, not to forget, thanks Mum for being the most supportive person in my dad's success, I love you too.

My dad's and his Queen of Life!

K U D O S    D A D D Y   ! ! !

Monday, 24 September 2012

Hiking Bukit Gasing

Last 2 weeks, me and my friends - Andy & Zafir - and my brother, went to the Bukit Gasing Recreational Forest. It is just another leisure activity on the extra holiday, Malaysia Day. Besides, it is also provided me with the preparation towards my Salomon X-Trail 2012, which is on this coming 30th September. 

It's raining on that morning, forced us to postponed the hiking. We started at 9 o'clock, however it is still a good experience we had together that day. Smileys ;))

For more details review and more pictures, you may also log on to my adventure team's blog, EYKL Fun Runners.

We found a creek in the middle of the forest. I didn't want to miss a change to snap a pic there.
At the suspension bridge, one of the a-must-go place here.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Adidas KOTR 2012: It brings me 16.8KM far..

After frustrated by NIKE Run's registration disappointment, I go on with my next race. This time it is Nike's rival, Adidas who held the event, King Of The Road 2012. Not the first time I join the event, but the first time I ran 16.8KM category in Adidas KOTR. It happened in Sunway Pyramid on 9 September 2012 (yesterday). I heard that 15,000 runners were there participating. Even when I'm running, at some hilly area I could clearly see the sea of people on the NPE highway, which is fully and wholly closed on the day. Now I know why they didn't at least open it partially for the vehicles to use it. 

At the race pack collection, Sunway Pyramid
I went to take my race pack at 10 o'clock sharp in the morning of Saturday, a day before the race. I neglected the info that all the 16.8KM participants were entitled to receive one Adidas deodorant and a sachet Powerbar gel. No one at the counter reminds me also? Huhu. Nevermind. Let bygones, be bygones. The race pack still sumthing good to get, they are Adidas string bag, Adidas running vest, a race bib with timing device attached to that (no need to wake up in the morning thinking about attaching it to the shoe), a packet of Deep Heat samples, and supposedly, the things I missed above.

Me, running towards the finishing line
I personally think that the 16.8KM category has started a bit late at 6.45am. Why not this category started earlier? Even 21KM at Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2012 started at 6am. It juz 4.2KM different. Rite? Perhaps, 6.15am shud be better starting time, in order to avoid the sun heat.

After the race, I'm with some of my frens Fithri, Zafir, Shuhid, Andy, and my brother, Remy. They all ran 10KM. Only me alone ran in different category. No hype in goodies given. They are all snacks like banana, mineral water, Milo, Fitnesse etc. Finished eat & drink all that, we all went home with only 1 thing in hand, it is finishing medal. It is seldomly happen in other running event when we get lots of things at finish. Maybe bcoz we already got many things during race pack collection. 

Taking picture with a token of achievement
Held in Sunway Pyramid I think is the best idea. Lots of runners, after the race, hang out at the beautiful areas around the Pyramid, including the restaurants there. Besides, this is the only day that there is no single car on the NPE, due to road closure until 10am. I did not miss the chance to take picture of me sleeping on the road oso. Hehe.

I bought the Adidas Response Cushion 20 during Adidas KOTR 2011 with RM50 discount. Even now in some Adidas stores, I see the price remains the same ever since 1 year ago. This could possibly be the last time I use this shoe in the race. Many reasons, as I told in my previous post, make me buy a new shoe. After this, I plan to use this shoe as my trainer only I think. Thanks for all your contribution to my legs for almost 1 year. Hehe. Farewell.

Farewell: Thanks & Goodbye

Saturday, 1 September 2012

You love running..but you turned crazy when she is also there with you!

I started to run my first long-distance when I ran my school's cross country tournament. My first external event was at UMNO's Merdeka Run when I was 17 years old. Since then, after I entered university, I had not actively participated in major events, eventhough I still running everyday when I got time to do so. Other reasons being were I'd involved in other sports. While actively joined football & futsal tournaments almost every semester during my uni time, I also played squash, tennis, silat, bla bla bla.. thus, I do a lot of sports easy to say. 

I started to back on long distance running field when I was at my first year in Ernst & Young. Crazy long working hours (which is typical in every big audit firm), has limited my time for sports. Recommended by my friend, Ikhwan, I joined Adidas KOTR 2011, and then actively participate in running, again. 

Why running? 
 1. It's easy for me bcoz they (running events) are alwiz on weekend - Saturday/Sunday.
 2. Low cost of equipment - you juz need a pair of shoe..u can even run naked if u want.
3. Big result (fitness) with less contact with less risk of injury due to its stable movement.
4. Running events offer lots of goodies and token of appreciation. 
5. Timing chip allows you to evaluate your performance.

After several running events I've entered, there is always one thing I wanna do - to run with my beloved one!

My Fiancee
Frankly speaking, my fiancee is not really into this sport. Therefore, to persuade her, I need to search for the best and interesting event. The first I had in my list was NTV7 Feel Good Run 2012. It seems like an outstanding and hype event for all joined participants. It seems like an event for some leisure runners. Besides, it was organised by the big, popular local TV station, with many goodies. Rate: Excellent choice. 

However, before we ran it on 8 July (as per scheduled), Team Malaysia came out with their running event, Team Malaysia Fan Run 2012, which is in support of the national Olympians to the London Olympic 2012. It happened 3 weeks earlier than NTV7 Feel Good Run 2012, although we only registered after the NTV7 run.

So, 3KM Team Malaysia Fan Run was the first event which me and my fiancee ran together. It is a good feeling, buddy. For the first time in my life, I experienced a heavy rain during the running event. You can see in the picture above, everyone there basah! Lucky dat they wrapped the cert in a plastic bag. 

My fiancee again joined me for running! This time it is 5KM MCS Fun Run. She, who didn't join at first, suddenly registered when she teman me to collect race pack. Thanks to the organiser, KDU, which still open the registration for enthusiast. 

Finally, it's the trademark event for us. The first event we registered together. It's a massive and exciting event. We ran with several NTV7 celebrities on that day for 3KM. We took picture with Rashidi Ishak, Vanida Imran & Aidid Marcelo. I had a good time running with her that day. 

I will run again with her after this. It's for 5KM Pink Charity Run. I also plan to run with her in 5KM Parkcity Run 2012 and Nike We Run KL 10K 2012, but due to pre-wedding activities, we must forget them, at least for this year.


My Mum
Other than my fiancee, I still can't find an opportunity to run with my mum yet, even I have plan to. Penang Delta Eco Night Run 2012 held only after I went back to KL already. However, I did bring her to Larian Hijau MPSP 2012, but juz to teman me. Hehe.

My Dad
In addition, I will run together with my dad in our Penang Bridge International Marathon 2012. Right now, as you can see the picture below, my dad has started his training by the Penang beach. He is 62 years old now. He was a former coach and manager of Penang MSSM Football team for many years. He is still active and fit. I can't wait to run with him this coming November.

Can you imagine how sports means in my life? Then, can you imagine how's the feeling of doing them together with the one you love. Hehe. I alwiz wanna do something special in my life, and this is one of them. Chaiyok!