Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sum 41 & Avenged Sevenfold Live in Malaysia 2012

I never ever dream this. Two (2) of my favourite bands rock Malaysia in a month!!!!

They are 

on 14th of April


on 29th of April

SUM 41 concert held at KL Live, KL, which I have no company that nite, but stil I'm having a good time anyway. After the opening act by Bunkface & One Buck Short, SUM 41 came out more than 1 hour late. Dunno y, but I have to wait there alone. Try my luck if I could stumbled into any of my friends, but no outcome. 

One good thing is they played a lot of their old songs. However, Reason To Believe, Sick Of Everyone etc has also being played that nite by them, which are from their latest album Screaming Bloody Murder. For sure, I always love n I joined the MOSH, besides I also took the chance to be at the front line of the fans. Deryck and Co on that nite being so friendly with the fans and I love their style.

Really happy that they came here. Thanks and I really enjoyed.

Not like SUM 41, Avenged Sevenfold which having a stronger fanbase (based on the number of fans on the nite), held their concert at Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon. This time I went there with Ezani & Housemates + Sufian. 

I bought an A7X's shirt that nite for RM35 with the tour list at the back. M Shadows performed not at his best in my opinion, maybe saving some energy for the upcoming tour concerts. 

However, the MOSH PIT is interesting. Lots of fans involved. My shoe's dirty then, cuz of dat. M Shadows in his final song, even request the fans to make a big, big circle. Hahaha. I tot Mike Portnoy might hate this if he came. 

Hah, new drummer! It's Mr. Arin, hit the drum that nite. We all still can't forget the loss of The Rev. He's awesome. But this concert has made a special tribute to him, especially when 'So Far Away' being played. 

These two bands has influenced me much all this while. I've been listening to almost all of their songs. They have really rocked me this month. I love them. Hope they come here again next time. Hehehehe ;)

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