Sunday, 9 December 2012

Since my birthday...

Gile ar...tak tulis pape since my bday. Macam2 jadi actually, but have really no time at all to tulis pape.

3 hari lepas my bday, is the day I wrote my last post. Lepas tu je, busy nak mampos dengan my wedding. Wedding is on 10.11.12, we chose this date last year lagi tau. Haha. The best date for us I think. No any feng shui but juz a nice-to-see date. So grateful it is finally happened on that date.

10.11.12 - Akad nikah buat kat Surau Seksyen 3, Shah Alam. It is so simple but so beautiful. Yang paling beautiful is, sekali lafaz bro!! Hahahaha. Alhamdulillah.. Tp my wifey pun beautiful. Juz dat honestly I dun really like her make up on dat day. Hahahahaha...sorry. Nvm, nnt i cover balik kat komen I psl kenduri.

Akhirnya, kami sah diijabkabulkan dengan satu lafaz nikah..
Lepas sarung cincin..
Aku lak pegang bunga. Wife punya pasal, layannnn je. Hehe..
11.11.12 - our reception. Kenapa sehari lepas akad nikah? Sbb ktorg wat kt Fraser's Hill. Juz macam ktorg punye pre-wedding photoshoot, ktorg love sgt dgn bukit misteri ni. So, nak semadikan kenangan perkahwinan ktorg kat cni. Rite after akad nikah, balik rest jap and packing and terus gerak ke Fraser's Hill petang tu jugak. 

Esok tu ade 2-3 kali hujan, maklum la, musim kan skrg ni. Since majlis resepsi ni wat kat garden with "English Garden" theme, hujan aritu tul2 wat tempat makan tu becak and berselut. So sorry to all guests. Xde sorang pun I think yg escape that mud, so went back with muddy pair of shoes. Deep apologize. But I hope everyone enjoy the wedding. 

Ktorg pun sgt2 nak ucap Thanks, Thanks, Thanks sgt3x to semua yg dtg. Jauh tuuuu, tp u guyz so sporting to datang. Hope u guys enjoy the day, plus jalan2 kat atas Bukit Fraser tu. I Love You All! Muahx...

Wedding at Fraser's Hill
Gambar dgn wife kat meja makan, kiri tu ayah, kanan tu che su..
Gambar dgn kawan2 Vivi yang so cool! Love them..
Me and wife, Nik Evira, had our simple but memorable 3-day honeymoon on the hill (11-13 Nov). Ade la cite2 seram berlaku kat ctu. Maklum la, the founder of the hill, James Fraser, was never found after he is gone in the jungle kat ctu....errrr... Tp tu aku malas nak tulis panjang2 kat cni. Simpan dlm otak dah la kot. Wedding kat Fraser I think is the best make up. Thanks to jurumekap, my bro-in-law's student.

14.11.12 to 16.11.12 - I went back straight to Penang, left my wife in Shah Alam with her family, I am sooooooooooo freaking busy. I had really less time sleeping. Went everywhere with my other family members, preparing for the day. Dah tu plak, time tu jgk la is the race kit collection utk Penang Bridge International Marathon 2012.  I registered for 10km, and plan to run in my wedding costume. Yeah, I am doing it. 

17.11.12 - English Wedding theme..for me it's so epic. Ktorg punye kenduri ni at night. Bile masuk hall tu, lagu background is "A Thousand Years - Christina Perri", filem Twilight punya OST. Hehe. We both love that song. Malam wedding tu, me and my brother tak tido langsung, dok wat video utk ditayangkan malam tu. Actually aku tlg2 supply bahan utk video tu je, ye la, dah kenduri aku. Yang wat video is actually adik laki aku, Raimi. Power die, maklum la, engineer. Tgk la video kat bwh ni.

Picture with my family. Cantek tak?? Cantek tak?? Hehe..
Kawan2 yg dtg ramai2 all the way from KL. Thanks geng..
18.11.12 - Penang Bridge Run....Dengan busynye the last 3 days before kawin, plus tido kul 3-4 malam kawin tu sbb buat video dgn adik, plus busy pagi wedding tu, plus tido lambat malam lari tu, still nak lari lagi. Bapak ar penat nak mampus aku. Aku lak tu yang volunteer nak drive gi penang ari tu. So, ape yg jadi, ni la larian aku yg paling teruk skali, my personal worst (PW)! 1 jam 26 minit utk 10km, aku tak penah seteruk ni. Tp xpe la, nak lari dlm wedding costume punye psl. My wifey tggu kat finishing. It's sooooo sweet and memorable. Thanks to mum (bring my wife), and Kudos to my dad yg lari jgk aritu. Die dah 62 years old thn ni! Terbaekkkkk la ayah!

Hasil kerja edit adik pompuan aku, Nabila "10K mencari cinta". Kat bawah tu gambar ayah aku lari dlm kostum baju melayu..
Kawan2 pulak so sporting ikut aku lari. Dorg pakai kostum kerja. I'm so touched..
Lari dalam kostum kawin nye pasal, wartawan paper cina, Guang Ming Daily, interbiu ktorg..
Memorable medal and race bib..

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

On My B'day...

My parents are the first to wish, Love you both...
My other family members never forget to wish... do some of my frens

My fiancee is the one who always counting every tick of the clock, until the day...

The cake she prepared for me...
She asked me to wear that hat...
Okay I'll do it...
I did it...lolx
Huahuahua...she bought me a Sony Sports MP3 player...and a Triathlon mag ---> did she allowed me to join triathlon after this??? Hooray!!
My lovely cute fiancee!
She belanja me everything on that day, including this French meal...

 My frens...

Sufian & his fiancee, Maisara, bought me presents, Hershey's chocolate, and a special secret gift...
That night, I had improved my 10KM personal best timing by more than 10 mins from the previous timing...

~~~ W o n d e r f u l   B ' d a y ,   a f t e r   a l l ~~~

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

I Ran For The Cause: Fight Breast Cancer

The last time we ran together was at the NTV7 Feel Good Run back in July 8. Exactly 3 months after that, on Oct 7, I ran with her again. This time we ran for the clear cause, to create awareness on & to fight the breast cancer. Organised by Pantai Hospital Klang, the event held with the aim of educate Malaysian on early detection and prevention of breast cancer. This is the second instalment of the run, after the success of the last year edition. Other than to give support indirectly to the breast cancer awareness program, the proceeds from the event were channelled to the Breast Cancer Welfare Association of Malaysia. 

Another good thing about this event is the present of the ambassador of Pink Charity Run 2012, the Malaysian popular celebrity, Sarimah Ibrahim. She did gave a talk on the stage. Two distance categories offered in this run - 10KM and 5KM. Me and my fiancee?? Of cos, 5KM. Haha. 

This is the second time my fiancee joined the 5KM categories. She didn't even know it is going to be 5KM until the race day itself. Huahuahua. But, you know what, she ran (with me) for 5KM in 51 mins. Bravo to her! I love her so much...ooops...teriklan plak...

Below are our pictures ran together...enjoy!!!

Cik adik lari ke jalan?? Haha..
Endomondo tracked us ran 5KM in 51 mins...hooray
Sarimah Ibrahim giving a speech
Me with my finisher medal
We sit on the floor while waiting for the lucky draw..we're not lucky enuff dat day
Redeemable with voucher which received upon finishing the race 
All the goodies from the beloved sponsors..

Saturday, 6 October 2012

After months of research, finally I chose Brooks Pure Cadence!

Month after month, I did research kaw2 punya..


1. my running gait, 
2. my foot landing (toe/mid/heel), 
3. my foot width, 
4. my height, 
5. my pronation, 
6. my budget/savings,
7. my current PBs, 
8. shoe's weight, 
9. my shoe preference (traditional/minimal/barefoot)
10. material of the shoe, 
11. cushioning, 
12. heel-to-toe drop, 
13. insole, midsole, outsole,  
14. shoe lace, 
15. shoe design and color, 
and the most importantly is ... 
16. comparison to the other rivals such as Saucony Kinvara 3, Newton Sir Isaac, Skechers Go Run, Adidas Adizero Feather.....

Finally, my choice is....

Brooks Pure Cadence

A sleeping beauty

Ready to run???
This is gonna be my racer. My previous Adidas Response 20 will remain as trainer shoe, as well as this shoe.

This is not a shoe review. Therefore there is nothing I am going to say in detail about all factors given above. But, about test drive, tomorrow is my PINK CHARITY RUN, I will tell you the story after that. Hikhik. 

Thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: The point no. 16 as above is not intentionally to condemn the other shoes (rivals, i said), but using the principle of "There is no one shoe fit everybody", therefore the rivals stated above may not be my fit, but may be yours. Do your own research, buddy!

Friday, 5 October 2012

Now I love trail so much..

Last Sunday (30 Sep), I spent that morning, woke up early at 4.30pm, took a shower, grabbed a yellow T, with the word SALOMON on it. Later, I pinned, on that T, a piece of paper called bib, printed there, A 0058, with the nicknamed F.A.D. Suarez below that.

Before I wear the T, I felt some kind of discomfort at my tummy. I, again, went to the bathroom and did my thing. 

Finish that, now I am ready. I went out of my 'mansion' at 5.30, only to notice that the nearest gate not yet open, it is as usual on my race day (cuz it only open at 6). I walked to the front gate, which took me around 5-8 minutes to arrive to my car location. I drove to the UPM with Nazeem (Pok Yek) accompanied. 

At UPM, searching for Surau. No sign. I detected a guy, walking, seems like he had just finished his prayer (25 years of living, of coz you know already how it looks like), and then poke Pok Yek to go n ask him. Surau located a bit far from the starting line. 

Finished my prayer, I felt something moving in my tummy again. Perhaps, nervous, dunno. I went to the toilet again. OMG!!! I feel like vomiting. Absolutely disgusting smells. Shit! Damn! The worst in my life, in my running experience too. Aah, dammit..all I could think is, as long as I can throw it away, I want to go out a.s.a.p. to the starting line. 

At the starting line, I see Pok Yek with his friends, Zafir with his friends, other than that, I didn't see anyone I recognise. Most of the people are so relax, leisure and eager to enjoy their trail activity.  

Me & Pok Yek
Me & Zafir
 From far I can see a bunch of cheerleaders in their suit ready to perform. I wonder, the event which scheduled to start at 7a.m., but the runners were not flagged off yet. Ooooowh, cheerleaders performed then. Haha.

Can you see cheerleaders performing??
This challenge required the participants to go through all muds, dirty, shitty, trail, road (short distance), running track (in stadium at start & finish) etc. 

Things in my mind:
1. No timing chip
2. First time I trail
3. I know dat this is trail running
4. I came here for trail running/run the trail

All the things above make me feel like, "I shud juz be DIRTY", babeh!!!!

Traffic jam. People avoiding mud. They didn't come here to 'trail' themselves i guess. 
I took a chance to snap a pic while I'm trailing...

I am so proud that I could maintain the slow & steady speed, at the same enjoying the trail scenery. I clocked 1 hr 12 mins for my first 10km trail running. Be the first 1,000 finishers who earn a Salomon Trail cap. Is it really first 1,000 finishers got it? I'm not sure...

I love this race. I would really love to run it again next year. You can just take this change to relax and having fun, without stress of breaking PB or sumthing. My aim next year is, join this run again and buy Salomon goodies at 50%, which I didn't grab this time.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My Pre-Wedding Photography Session: The post is coming soon...

For those who have heard about my pre-wedding photography session before this and want to see the compilations, please stay tuned to my blog in these few days. I will reveal some photos selected and edited. 

I shared here one. 

I will write the story about our day, and of course lots of photos. 

Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

My Warrior's Convocation: Congratz Dad!

On 22 September 2012, it has been a very, very special day for me and all my family. My dad, Mokhtar Othman P.J.K., at the age of 62, being graduated on his USM convocation. He pursued his studies in the Degree of Political Science, USM Penang. After 3 years of hard work, he finally made it. We, all his sons and daughters, back to our homeland of Penang to celebrate this moment. 

Two persons were allowed to be in the hall, where me & brother took that chance. All my sisters, nephew, mum, grandma, uncle & auntie, stand-by at the outside of the Dewan Tuanku Syed Putra, and be together with my dad when he's out. We share all his joy, happiness, work hard, pain, stress and everything that he has gone through.

The blogger (left), with father (middle) and brother (right)

R: How do you feel about your dad's graduation?
M: I am so proud of my dad. He finally joins his children graduated. At the age of 62, I know it's not easy to do this. However he did it well and in addition, he never fail any of his subject during his study.

R: What is your impression when you first time heard about his desire to continue study. 
M: I am doubt, honestly. My mum told me. However, I know my father. He is a social person, and after his retirement, I know that he always need something to do. He is someone who is so active. He was a teacher, therefore I know why he chose to study, that is also why my mother suggest that he should take this course. After 1-2 semester, I know that my father can do everything he is passionate of.

R: What do you think about the course he took (social/political science)?
M: Excellent choice. I know him well. That's absolutely the best fit for him. He is so active in minor politic movement in my area, he is a good example for many people, he just need some additional written recognition on what he has already did, and did it well. 

My warrior's smile, backgrounded by Dewan Tuanku Syed Putra.
 R: What is the most challenging moment do you think your father faced during his study?
M: I can say that in term of friendship and communication, he has no problem at all to deal with youngsters or even veterans. But, the biggest challenge for him I know should be, to adapt with the world of information technology (I.T.). The people of his age, lived during the time people using paper-based documentation. When now people are using IT (paperless) all the time e.g. online registration, online access, website, e-mail, facebook etc., people just don't understand how he needs some help. This is so emotional to talk about, but now that my father has did it, I'm so proud and ready to forget the past. 

R: What is your wish to your beloved dad?
M: My dad, my hero, Well Done and Congratulations on your convocation! You've done a great, great job which not many people out there are capable of doing it. I hope you enjoy your happy time now and do whatever you have passionate with. I love you, and please know that we, your children, are all so proud of you! Also, not to forget, thanks Mum for being the most supportive person in my dad's success, I love you too.

My dad's and his Queen of Life!

K U D O S    D A D D Y   ! ! !