Tuesday, 9 October 2012

I Ran For The Cause: Fight Breast Cancer

The last time we ran together was at the NTV7 Feel Good Run back in July 8. Exactly 3 months after that, on Oct 7, I ran with her again. This time we ran for the clear cause, to create awareness on & to fight the breast cancer. Organised by Pantai Hospital Klang, the event held with the aim of educate Malaysian on early detection and prevention of breast cancer. This is the second instalment of the run, after the success of the last year edition. Other than to give support indirectly to the breast cancer awareness program, the proceeds from the event were channelled to the Breast Cancer Welfare Association of Malaysia. 

Another good thing about this event is the present of the ambassador of Pink Charity Run 2012, the Malaysian popular celebrity, Sarimah Ibrahim. She did gave a talk on the stage. Two distance categories offered in this run - 10KM and 5KM. Me and my fiancee?? Of cos, 5KM. Haha. 

This is the second time my fiancee joined the 5KM categories. She didn't even know it is going to be 5KM until the race day itself. Huahuahua. But, you know what, she ran (with me) for 5KM in 51 mins. Bravo to her! I love her so much...ooops...teriklan plak...

Below are our pictures ran together...enjoy!!!

Cik adik lari ke jalan?? Haha..
Endomondo tracked us ran 5KM in 51 mins...hooray
Sarimah Ibrahim giving a speech
Me with my finisher medal
We sit on the floor while waiting for the lucky draw..we're not lucky enuff dat day
Redeemable with voucher which received upon finishing the race 
All the goodies from the beloved sponsors..

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