Saturday, 6 October 2012

After months of research, finally I chose Brooks Pure Cadence!

Month after month, I did research kaw2 punya..


1. my running gait, 
2. my foot landing (toe/mid/heel), 
3. my foot width, 
4. my height, 
5. my pronation, 
6. my budget/savings,
7. my current PBs, 
8. shoe's weight, 
9. my shoe preference (traditional/minimal/barefoot)
10. material of the shoe, 
11. cushioning, 
12. heel-to-toe drop, 
13. insole, midsole, outsole,  
14. shoe lace, 
15. shoe design and color, 
and the most importantly is ... 
16. comparison to the other rivals such as Saucony Kinvara 3, Newton Sir Isaac, Skechers Go Run, Adidas Adizero Feather.....

Finally, my choice is....

Brooks Pure Cadence

A sleeping beauty

Ready to run???
This is gonna be my racer. My previous Adidas Response 20 will remain as trainer shoe, as well as this shoe.

This is not a shoe review. Therefore there is nothing I am going to say in detail about all factors given above. But, about test drive, tomorrow is my PINK CHARITY RUN, I will tell you the story after that. Hikhik. 

Thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: The point no. 16 as above is not intentionally to condemn the other shoes (rivals, i said), but using the principle of "There is no one shoe fit everybody", therefore the rivals stated above may not be my fit, but may be yours. Do your own research, buddy!

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