Friday, 5 October 2012

Now I love trail so much..

Last Sunday (30 Sep), I spent that morning, woke up early at 4.30pm, took a shower, grabbed a yellow T, with the word SALOMON on it. Later, I pinned, on that T, a piece of paper called bib, printed there, A 0058, with the nicknamed F.A.D. Suarez below that.

Before I wear the T, I felt some kind of discomfort at my tummy. I, again, went to the bathroom and did my thing. 

Finish that, now I am ready. I went out of my 'mansion' at 5.30, only to notice that the nearest gate not yet open, it is as usual on my race day (cuz it only open at 6). I walked to the front gate, which took me around 5-8 minutes to arrive to my car location. I drove to the UPM with Nazeem (Pok Yek) accompanied. 

At UPM, searching for Surau. No sign. I detected a guy, walking, seems like he had just finished his prayer (25 years of living, of coz you know already how it looks like), and then poke Pok Yek to go n ask him. Surau located a bit far from the starting line. 

Finished my prayer, I felt something moving in my tummy again. Perhaps, nervous, dunno. I went to the toilet again. OMG!!! I feel like vomiting. Absolutely disgusting smells. Shit! Damn! The worst in my life, in my running experience too. Aah, dammit..all I could think is, as long as I can throw it away, I want to go out a.s.a.p. to the starting line. 

At the starting line, I see Pok Yek with his friends, Zafir with his friends, other than that, I didn't see anyone I recognise. Most of the people are so relax, leisure and eager to enjoy their trail activity.  

Me & Pok Yek
Me & Zafir
 From far I can see a bunch of cheerleaders in their suit ready to perform. I wonder, the event which scheduled to start at 7a.m., but the runners were not flagged off yet. Ooooowh, cheerleaders performed then. Haha.

Can you see cheerleaders performing??
This challenge required the participants to go through all muds, dirty, shitty, trail, road (short distance), running track (in stadium at start & finish) etc. 

Things in my mind:
1. No timing chip
2. First time I trail
3. I know dat this is trail running
4. I came here for trail running/run the trail

All the things above make me feel like, "I shud juz be DIRTY", babeh!!!!

Traffic jam. People avoiding mud. They didn't come here to 'trail' themselves i guess. 
I took a chance to snap a pic while I'm trailing...

I am so proud that I could maintain the slow & steady speed, at the same enjoying the trail scenery. I clocked 1 hr 12 mins for my first 10km trail running. Be the first 1,000 finishers who earn a Salomon Trail cap. Is it really first 1,000 finishers got it? I'm not sure...

I love this race. I would really love to run it again next year. You can just take this change to relax and having fun, without stress of breaking PB or sumthing. My aim next year is, join this run again and buy Salomon goodies at 50%, which I didn't grab this time.

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