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December 16, 2011

"December 16, 2011" is a special date: two big events happen in my life.

My Lovely Girlfriend's B'day, and....


Held at Mandarin Oriental Hotel KL, with bunches of outstanding performance by our very own colleagues, and better/tasty menu compare to previous year, I consider it as UNFORGETTABLE NIGHT...

Our dinner table...

Sape ntah budak hensem dua orang ni, aku xkenal, tanye org laen...

1st Runner-up for Best Dress

with Tiga Abdul

Decoration by master chef of the night

Red-carpet-like theme

Main dish

The only girl I take picture with, dat night ---> my UEM audit colleague ... baik tak aku? hehe

MALAKOFF RUN is just around the corner

1) DATE: 18 December 2011 (Sunday)

2) VENUE: Start/Finish – Bukit Kiara Equestrian and Country Resort, Kuala Lumpur

3) TIME: 7.00am start for Women's 12km categories
7.10am start for Men's 12km categories
7.20am start for 7km categories

4) ORGANIZERS: Pacesetters Athletic Club Malaysia


Category Age group Qualifying time Starting time

Men's Open (12km) 16 and above 1 hour, 35 minutes 7.10am

6) PRIZES (Product Voucher):


16) CERTIFICATES: Participants who have completed the race will be able to download their

personalised certificate (with runners' time, position in his/her category, position in his/her

gender and position in overall race) from, once official results have

been posted.

17) BREAKFAST: A light breakfast will be served to all participants from 7.30am to 9.30am.

For race route and other info, please log on to:

p/s: It seems like the route is quite difficult to dealt with. Hill and 2 rounds, need perfect

mental strengh.

Online cert for Adidas KOTR is now out!!!

This is mine .. download ur own .. :D

Ombak Rindu

Recently, I went back to Penang, balik kampung nak jumpa parent aku juz before my ACCA P1 paper exam. My mum really want to watch this movie. Therefore, having chance that I'm here in Penang, my mum ask me to go with her la.

So, roughly, citer ni merupakan adaptasi dari novel Bahasa Melayu hasil nukilan Fauziah Ashari. Cerita ni fokus tentang seorang perempuan kampung yatim piatu, Izzah (Maya Karin). Yang best pasal citer ni ialah penerapan Izzah sebagai gadis yang baik hati, sayang dan patuh pada suami, perkembangan cinta yang sangat semulajadi, dan sikap tamak dan sombong masyarakat berada. Aku percaya golongan macam ni wujud lagi dlm Malaysia ni.

Overall, aku PUAS HATI tgk citer ni. Aku bukan mat jiwang, sume citer aku tgk. Yang best aku puji .. Yang xbest, sory, aku maki, abis-abisan...

p/s: Still top my list of the most piece of S**T -------------> Raya Tak Jadi (Bangang punye prof, nak tipu duit org masuk wayang ke?)

My Nike's result VS Adidas

I'm a very slow runner, but at least I improved. Hehehehe.

Nike We Run KL 10K 2011

On 27th November 2011, me & my friends - ikhwan, andy, shuhid, norehan...& my brother also, Remy, joined one of the most popular event of the year - Nike We Run KL 10K 2011 @ Pdg Merbok, KL. This event targeted 10K participant across the country, & I heard that over 8,500 people played their part on dat day.

I woke up early @ 5.30 in the morning, but with plan not to take free breakfast given by the sponsor. Night b4, I had 'kenduri kawen' held in luxury Golf & Country Club, eat soooo 'freaking' much, and after dat, we go watch MU game some more, eat roti telur cheese sum more, & sleep late. Wahhh, my stomach so 'sakit' woh when I ran dat day. But okay la, my 10km performance improved a bit compare to previous Run I joined.

10KM finishers were given a bottle of mineral water, a banana, and a finisher’s gift each. Other food given after the race dat we can take are Cornetto Ice-cream and Domino Pizza.

Picture with IKHWAN - 10KM in 57min - Winner of Exclusive-Customized Finisher's Tee

My younger brother - 2nd to IKHWAN with 1hr 04min

Padang Merbok punyer pasal laaaah..

Win the Finisher's Nike Shoe Pendrive 1GB

My ankle's serious injury

Race route map - Okay la...not so gila!!

Free Event T, with water bottle + Finisher's gift of keychain like model of Nike LunarGlide 3....thx Nike!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

ADIDAS King Of The Road 2011

Adidas sekali lagi tahun ni adakan Run Tournament - King Of The Road. Aku kena ajak dgn Ikhwan, kawan keje aku kat E&Y. Larian bermula kul 7 pagi, hari Ahad 2 Oktober 2011. Dalam pertandingan ni ada dua kategori, 10km & 16.8km. Dorg wat kat NPE highway. Sebab dah lama sangat mandom, aku join 10km je la. Kawan2 ofis aku yang join sume total ada 8 orang, sume join 10km jgk.

Anyway, Adidas Run kali ni bagus la sbb:

1. Jalan (race route) die besar, xde interruption dgn org yg lari 'maha' slow, walaupun aku dah lari abis slow. Thanks for the sponsor - NPE H'way yg besar tu.

2. Sponsor die dasat jgk (walaupun xleh lawan Nike Run) - Power Bar, Milo, Deap Heat, Fitnesse, Bubba Gum (dpt voucher minuman), Adidas sendiri (dpt 30% diskaun on kasut, tu yg aku beli satu running shoe), and 100 plus (utk drink station every 2.5km).

3. Dpt finisher's medal utk yg abiskan run within qualifying time.

Aku letak gambar2 related dgn Adidas Run ari tu.

Satu je aku xpuas ati, shirt saiz M die besar gedabak, xsesuai dgn body 'mantap tp kecik' aku.

Race bib. Credit to Shuhid, Chicha (Syed Jefrizil), Norehan & Andy.

Bersama Champion...

Bersama rakan sebarisan...(hahaha)


The finisher's medal...

Sekian ADIDAS King Of The Road...jumpe lagi tahun depan...