Wednesday, 26 September 2012

My Warrior's Convocation: Congratz Dad!

On 22 September 2012, it has been a very, very special day for me and all my family. My dad, Mokhtar Othman P.J.K., at the age of 62, being graduated on his USM convocation. He pursued his studies in the Degree of Political Science, USM Penang. After 3 years of hard work, he finally made it. We, all his sons and daughters, back to our homeland of Penang to celebrate this moment. 

Two persons were allowed to be in the hall, where me & brother took that chance. All my sisters, nephew, mum, grandma, uncle & auntie, stand-by at the outside of the Dewan Tuanku Syed Putra, and be together with my dad when he's out. We share all his joy, happiness, work hard, pain, stress and everything that he has gone through.

The blogger (left), with father (middle) and brother (right)

R: How do you feel about your dad's graduation?
M: I am so proud of my dad. He finally joins his children graduated. At the age of 62, I know it's not easy to do this. However he did it well and in addition, he never fail any of his subject during his study.

R: What is your impression when you first time heard about his desire to continue study. 
M: I am doubt, honestly. My mum told me. However, I know my father. He is a social person, and after his retirement, I know that he always need something to do. He is someone who is so active. He was a teacher, therefore I know why he chose to study, that is also why my mother suggest that he should take this course. After 1-2 semester, I know that my father can do everything he is passionate of.

R: What do you think about the course he took (social/political science)?
M: Excellent choice. I know him well. That's absolutely the best fit for him. He is so active in minor politic movement in my area, he is a good example for many people, he just need some additional written recognition on what he has already did, and did it well. 

My warrior's smile, backgrounded by Dewan Tuanku Syed Putra.
 R: What is the most challenging moment do you think your father faced during his study?
M: I can say that in term of friendship and communication, he has no problem at all to deal with youngsters or even veterans. But, the biggest challenge for him I know should be, to adapt with the world of information technology (I.T.). The people of his age, lived during the time people using paper-based documentation. When now people are using IT (paperless) all the time e.g. online registration, online access, website, e-mail, facebook etc., people just don't understand how he needs some help. This is so emotional to talk about, but now that my father has did it, I'm so proud and ready to forget the past. 

R: What is your wish to your beloved dad?
M: My dad, my hero, Well Done and Congratulations on your convocation! You've done a great, great job which not many people out there are capable of doing it. I hope you enjoy your happy time now and do whatever you have passionate with. I love you, and please know that we, your children, are all so proud of you! Also, not to forget, thanks Mum for being the most supportive person in my dad's success, I love you too.

My dad's and his Queen of Life!

K U D O S    D A D D Y   ! ! !

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